Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dr. Sam Chachoua cures Charlie Sheen

Alternative doctor says he can cure AIDS and no need for radia...Just aired yesterday on TV (another mystery as i loaded it in HD, but a little blurry- sound perfect!)Watch while you can. My own health practitioner recommended Dr Sam Chachoua to me last year as he put 2 of her patients in remission!We're going to hit a half million views soon and this just went up today. Get my newsletter on the hostlic doctor death updates I've reported since the start at Alternative (holistic?) doctor says he has the cure for AIDS (Charlie Sheen's doc) That's just the tip of the iceberg. He says radiation and "poison" aren't necessary for cancer/diseases and explains how one must unlock the key to go into remission.. He has survived  attempts on his life as as Maher explains. .  Watch the NEW video w old footage too to back some of his claims. He talks about measles being part of the solution. . He talks of vaccines and actually..... Well, just watch. Until end. Thoughts?
Posted by Erin at Health Nut News on Sunday, 31 January 2016

Κώστας Μαρτάκης & Θανάσης Αλευράς - Λυγαριά

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Makropoulos - paola intro live (remix djdellos)

SoundCloud Merakia

Pelin Alptekin-Sadettin Akay-Στο ΄πα και στο ξαναλέω

Knock Out ft. Κωνσταντίνος Νάζης | Όταν Πονάω Το Γλεντάω


Σάσσυ Τσεντούρου - Η κλαρινόβια που τάραξε ολόκληρη εκδήλωση

Signs of a Highly Sensitive Person

Comment from an article I read lately.......your thoughts????

Sensitivity is a good character if it is polished and tamed to the person's own benefit. This has to start by self-awareness first and working on the emotion control before the "knee-jerk reaction". You're absolutely right that a sensitive person in a leadership place may not the best choice but knowing how many emotionally dull leaders can fail a whole department, I'd prefer the sensitive leader, at least he/she can feel and see through people. On another note, I think sensitive people are passionate lovers too. Sadly, their love relations can consume them, if it doesn't get under control. This basically due to being even more sensitive towards those they love. i.e. the pain from a beloved one is worse and happiness is triple size when experienced with someone they love. Sensitive people experience emotions in mega size; laugh and cry from their heart; and rarely can be fake. That is great, if people around them understand who they are and not misinterpret their behaviour as insanity!! or " inappropriate" On the downside, their relationship with others can be destroyed by the super-senstivity and high expectations of others. They think everyone can feel them and should accomodate how they feel and when that doesn't happen, the continuous disappointments in others break their relationships. I must say living in the current world that is full of stimuli, shocks, and fakes must be very exhausting, to a sensitive person. Sooner or later they either get desensitized to survive, or burnout from overthinking.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Γιώτα Νέγκα, Θ. Καραμουρατίδης, Ο. Ιωάννου - Χώμα στα φτερά

Οι ONIRAMA feat. Γιώργος Μαζωνάκης παρουσιάζουν το soundtrack της πρώτης ελληνικής 3D ταινίας!

Ευανθία Ρεμπούτσικα & Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης - Νοτιάς - Από την ταινία Νοτιάς - Official Audio Release

Ancient Cultures used Healing Crystals

Ancient Greeks: Crushed hematite was often rubbed upon soldier’s bodies prior to entering battle with the idea that it made them invincible. Interestingly, the word ‘crystal’ is thought to derive from the Greek word ‘krustullos,’ – meaning ‘ice’ – and until the 1500’s many ancients believed stones like clear quartz crystals were eternal ice sent from the Heavens. The mythological story of Amethyst plays a vital role in the story of the God Dionysus and Goddess Diana, and the word is said to be the Greek translation of ‘sober’ or ‘not drunken’ – something Dionysus could have spent more time being.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sexy Sexy - Charo

This song was written by Charo's son, and was actually intended for Britney Spears. Charo overheard him singing it one time and stole it!  lol!

Boubouka the Belly Dancer

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Colossus of Rhodes Project

Young professionals from Greece, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom have been inspired to take up the ambitious “Colossus of Rhodes Project,” aiming to revive one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios, erected on the Greek island of Rhodes by Charles of Lindos, in 280 BC, to celebrate Rhodes’ victory over the ruler of Cyprus, Antigonus I Monophthalmus. It was one of the tallest statues of the ancient world standing over 30 meters (around 98 feet) high.
The bronze structure was destructed after Rhodes was hit by the 226 BC earthquake, however, it was not until 654 AD that Saracens ransacked the island and sold the statue’s relics.
Colossus Full Story here

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lovin the Justin Trudeau Bhangra

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie serve baklavas to supporters during a campaign stop at a Greek restaurant

Then Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau and his three sons pose for a snapshot in front of the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens Aug. 30, 1983. From left are Michel, Alexandre (Sacha), and newly-elected Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau in rear. (Photo: Peter Bregg of the Canadian Press)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Welcome Back Home Prime Minister Trudeau

We're Back

I had the pleasure of meeting Justin not so long ago on April 19, 2011 at Liberal Rally in Surrey BC, the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau spoke to Liberal Supporters, when he finished his speech, he walked around the room shaking the hands of every volunteer and attendee,
I was taken aback as I looked in those striking eyes and that charming peaceful smile,
I sensed I was shaking the hand of our countries next leader and I hoped silently in my heart that he would become Canada's most famous leader, not for his words, as so many have done before him, but by accomplishing the impossible and living up to his father's memory by achieving greatness with all the wonderful things he would do for the world and the people who support him.
I am so proud to be Canadian with Greek roots that lead back to Thrace. The land of hero's, warrior's and land that gave birth to this political system of democracy and compassion,

May God bless you Justin and keep you safe.
MyGreekSpirit, endorses you and supports you.

It’s time for Canada to once again work constructively with its allies. A new Liberal government will do just that.
Posted by Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, 20 October 2015